Thursday, November 29, 2007

Me and my hoodies

Most nights I love sleeping as the little spoon in a good cuddle. But some nights, (I would say once a week on average, although that average goes up during the winter months) all I want to do is come home, cook dinner, change into some comfy duds and catch up on America’s Next Top Model, The Hills, Gossip Girl, and Project Runway. My boyfriend (otherwise known as the big spoon) and I have coined a term for nights like these, we call them separate nights. I have my lazy night of good food and bad TV and he...I’m not really sure what he does on his separate night, but I think he enjoys it. When I feel a separate night coming on, he doesn’t protest all that much and sometimes he even suggests one. Looking forward to a separate night has been known to get me through a stressful day at work, get me up on a grey, depressing Monday and get me home without over-indulging at happy hour. These nights have become so precious to me that I have begun to blame them for the lack of forward movement in my relationship. I’m hesitant to move in with my boyfriend because the next step is marriage and then children and then the death of separate nights. I sometimes seriously think the solution is to keep my apartment forever, and never rent it out, so at least the possibility of a separate night exists. Or, as my sister points out, I could be like Helen Bonham Carter who, although married to Tim Burton, kept one half of the house to herself. Realistically, I know I need to just savor my separate nights now and then learn to give them up, or before I know it, I’ll end up with a calendar filled with separate nights and not a big spoon in sight.

My favorite hoodies to wear on separate nights:
1. Cloth by Easel (pink one): This is so soft it feels like a second skin. I love the ruching at the sleeves.

2. Diesel (black one): This sweatshirt is not only really comfortable but it has great details, like the exposed seams and emblem at the lower right corner. It makes me feel tough when I wear it.

3. French Connection (yellow one): The short sleeves come in handy when my building's heat is on too high. Not being able to control the heat can be a bummer.

4. Gap (brown one): This one is so long I can wear it just with leggings, or with no pants at all, which is the ultimate fatty outfit.

5. ? (grey one): This sweatshirt appeared in my life one day with no label, it’s origin unknown. I have asked all of my friends and relatives and no one will claim it. Is it yours? It's a mystery, but I'm glad it found me.

My favorite separate night treat:
A steaming mug of LA Burdick hot chocolate topped with Tiny Trapeze all natural marshmallow creme. The marshmallow creme is actually the best thing I have discovered at Whole Foods yet this year. It’s made without “junkie stuff” so it’s like Fluff that’s not bad for you. How perfect is that?!